The world is changing and businesses have to change with it. Everyone knows this is the new landscape that we have to work with, but does the change have to be so distinct from traditional business practice?


There is an argument to be made that the old way of doing things still has currency. Particularly in the case of certain businesses whose consumer base is defined to the baby boomer generation, they do not have the affiliation culturally with digitised content that is commonplace for 2018.


So what are the disadvantages of centering your entire marketing efforts to the digital world? Let us explore them right here.

Education for Uninitiated


Whether you examine this talking point from the perspective of the consumer or even the business manager and staff, online digital marketing is a vast exercise that takes time to learn and appreciate. Should you have a limited interaction with platforms like Google, Facebook and YouTube, then the idea of brand marketing in the context of digital promotion is completely foreign. That is even before you attempt to involve yourself in the analytical side of the practice.

Less Tangible Benefits


It might be a prehistoric viewpoint, but non-digital advertising has an authenticity to it that can be hard to replicate online. From flyers to billboards and sponsored events, the old school method of meeting, greeting and getting a brand name visible out there in the local community is a benefit not to be ignored. A digital advertising spot can have cut-through, but nothing compared to a positive on the ground interaction.

Less Real Time Communication


When questions and queries have to be answered by the consumer, there will usually be a couple of different options at their disposal. One might be the phone line, another could be a shop front with an employee at the desk. For the digital world, customer service can be a hit and miss enterprise where emails and Facebook messages can take days or even weeks to be replied.

Requires Long-Term Investment


Digital marketing is far from a one-size-fits-all endeavour. It takes months and years before a framework can be established, a fact that should be pause for thought but something that is rarely considered for businesses that simply throw their hat in the ring without understanding the investment required. Half-hearted efforts are littered across the web and sticking to a traditional model on the ground can sometimes be a better bet if there is not the expertise or resources to execute a digital campaign correctly.