Digital marketers don’t require the most intricate or advanced technology out there. Just by adapting some key software from the largest search engine on the planet, you can take your brand to the next level on optimisation.



Many business owners will throw good money after bad hoping that they can crack the code and rank highly without going through the necessary steps. The reality is that the enterprises that master the basics see a much healthier return on investment, and they can achieve that all with free online outlets.

Google Places


If you happen to be a business with a physical postcode, then it is a great idea to utilise Google Places. This will allow you to establish a map and control the domains that are vital for your consumers to know. That will include the phone number, the website, the opening hours and the address – all vital elements to seeing online traffic convert into actual sales.

Google Trends


Being aware of topics that are trending is not for every niche, sometimes there won’t be any breaking news in your field that will be relevant. Yet for winemakers who see a spike in exports to Asia or computer technicians who are operating while an online scam/virus is spreading, then why not take advantage? This search term data can work as a healthy short-term boost to your branding visibility.

Google Keyword Planner


Riding solo on your keyword campaign is a recipe for disaster. Simply guessing what your consumers are looking for is a fool’s errand and this is where the Google Keyword Planner can prescribe some order to the chaos. It will issue the marketer a comprehensive and up to date spreadsheet of information on keyword volume, relevance and competition to help you decide on which terms are ideal for your endeavours. The same principle can be applied to the pay-per click world too.

Google Analytics

How do you know if a digital marketing campaign is successful if you have no means of analysing it in the first place? This is where Google Analytics acts as a platform that should be mandatory for all users as it provides a real time gauge on clicks and ranking points over the course of days, weeks, months and years. It is the type of insight you would normally have to pay dearly for through a third party, but this gives the information at your fingertips.