The world of digital marketing is still in an infancy when we look at the timeline of the practice. With the likes of newspaper and print adverts being phased out in preference for Facebook spots and Google Adwords space, that trend will soon have a shelf life that will elapse for a new technique that comes out of the shadow.


Here is it worthwhile examining what lies beyond the horizon to predict what disruptive technologies are likely to emerge. Much like the current marketing landscape, these advents will be a cause for change where brands that accept and embrace this shift quickest will maximise their potential the best.


Bitcoin has been viewed quite cynically by the larger populous in the last few years, but since its recent boom there has been a series of other blockchain brands come onto the scene. Time will tell if this is just an experiment that enjoys a 15 minutes of fame, but there is evidence to suggest that encrypted banking that avoids banking fees and other regulations could revolutionise how we bank and most importantly from a marketing perspective, how we shop. Consumers could feel liberated being able to send and process payments more efficiently than through this current system.

3D Printing


Could you envisage a scenario whereby a retail brand sells a jumper to a customer overseas, seeing that user ending up printing the product at their own home? A bit daunting, right? Well the world of manufacturing is accelerating at a higher rate and this could very well shift how we buy and sell items online in the near future. It won’t be possible for a number of products or services for that matter, but it would still have a major impact on the market at large.

Voice Search


With artificial intelligence becoming more of a regular occurrence with our technology, the ability for users to conduct searches on smartphones, tablets and other devices like fridges is changing the marketing game. Google’s algorithm has already begun the process to rank brands according to keywords that are used in a conversational context, breaking up the sites that were operating well from the exact-matching keyword framework.


There is much to consider in this field when it comes to voice search terms that are easy to pronounce as well as those that have their sights on other markets overseas with other languages. This is a trend that has already seen progress and is ahead of time on other emerging technologies.