Search engine optimisation (SEO) can be a daunting process from the outside looking in. Should you be uninitiated to the science behind elevating a website to the top of the web rankings, then it can appear to be a practice that takes years to master.


Here is where many third party companies step into the breach to take this burden away from various enterprises. However, there are a few basic principles at play that can see your own ranking rise up the results without having to invest thousands of dollars of revenue.



The ease of the YouTube application is handy for a number of reasons, but it should not be seen as just a luxury item. Video is head and shoulders the greatest means of attracting new traffic and keeping their attention, so tapping into short videos that are either entertaining, instructional or both will be a great means of driving your ranking. Google perceives video as a major element to boosting a site’s optimisation capabilities, so utilise it for your niche.

Speed Wins The Day


To be a genuinely optimised website, you have to be running an efficient machine. Think of this department like any quality mechanic would for a car – the parts all have to be in working order and it has to run when the driver puts the foot down. Speed ensures that content is not overloaded and helps a consumer base that is demanding given a shorter attention span.

Maintain Regular Content


Whilst there is a need to focus on quality over quantity in this new SEO era, there is no doubt that the best operators in the business are those that can keep the numbers ticking over. Even on those slow Wednesday afternoons in the middle of the year when news and announcements are lagging, it is paramount to continue a content strategy that sees your website tick over. This informs the search engines that you are active and provides value for the end user.

Backlink Building


Have contacts within your own niche? Do you enjoy a fruitful partnership with other brands or peers online? Leverage that network because the more backlinks you can generate from others on the web that have some authority, then that will help your cause and inform Google that you are worthy of a higher rating. Social media also happens to be a great source for backlink generation, but the best results derive from other websites who reference your brand and include your URL.