Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a practice that has extended from the power and reach that Google can boast. Part science and part art form, this activity has branched out to become an integral part of the modern marketing endeavour.


Yet the very nature of this discipline makes it an evolving organism that is never static and always adapting to the habits of the consumer. Here is where technology plays a pivotal role in its development. It also gives us a gauge as to what to expect in the near future beyond 2018.


Technology and SEO will be forever linked and here is why the two are so compatible.

Wider Access To WiFi, 4G & Cloud Technologies

The reality is that society has a greater capacity now to tap into technologies that connect to the internet. In years gone by it would be a home or office modem that gave users the opportunity to tap into the world wide web, now that is essentially open to the community at large so long as they have a device to utilise. From WiFi to the cloud and 4G networks that are operational across city centres, suburban and rural areas, there has never been a better time to be online and searching.

Reliance On Search Engine Power


Not only do search engines like Google give us the ability to search what we want, they also not guide us as to what we want to search. This little advantage courtesy of the related search term bar and autocorrect field has since transitioned to a reliance on this powerful algorithm whereby consumers are handing back the initiative to these enterprises. Perhaps it is unhealthy, but our addiction to digital technology has branched out the SEO practice to incorporate a broader searching spectrum for keywords and phrases.

Mobile Searches


With the iPhone, Samsung and Blackberry smartphones venturing further into the marketplace to become mainstream, the manner in which we search and the data we are looking for has changed. That desire to have instantaneous product information and opening hours on our mobile has shifted the priority for Google who has forced businesses to have these categories broadcast through their platform.


Local SEO is a practice all unto itself and a direct result of the boom in the smartphone market. By 2019 the domestic use of mobile devices is expected to soar past the 20 million mark, a statistic that ensures optimisers must cater to active smartphone users.